Travel Thursday – Hikking up ‘The Chief’

Almost exactly half way between Vancouver and Whistler lies the town of Squamish. A town small enough that one drives past it in less than 5 mins, but a town one cannot miss because of the beauty of it. Driving on the ‘Sea to Sky’ highway looking at the sea and the snow-capped mountains all around, you drive past a monolith rock face and know you are at Squamish.

The monolith, a symbol of the rock climbing haven Squamish is, is called the Chief. And Chief has been a talking point for D and me every time we drive by. But since Whistler is our destination we never really stop, but for clicking a picture or two. But when we headed there during summer we decided to hike the Chief. After a little reading up we realized Chief has 3 peaks. The trail starts out the same and then goes different ways as one makes their way higher. We set out to hike Chief – I.
The start of the hike is amazing, a wonderful way to begin. You start out at ‘Shannon Falls’ which is a tourist spot in itself. As you walk past the falls, you see people standing and posing. Trying to capture the falls in their glory. For us, we quickly passed by the tourists but stopped a little higher to capture the fall from within the trees.
Starting out

The hike is rendered interesting because of the rushing water, iron ladders, chains and steps put in all over. The park officials and volunteers have done an amazing job to make the hike as safe and as accessible as possible. And the amount of work and the time spend on making the trail made the hike a pleasure and I can easily call it one of the best hikes I have done. And as D says we have done plenty.

Walking up the steps

After a couple of hours of walking the trails, the last part actually holding on to chains because of the steep smooth mountain, we make out way to the top of the mountain and the view is amazing. Making the entire effort worth it.

Looking at Chief II

Clear blue sky, scattered clouds, sun peeking out, water, mountains, snow. And no one around, but the two of us. Our peace of heaven.

Looking down

So we sat there at the top of the mountain, saw cars zipping by the meandering ‘Sea to Sky’ highway, were thankful that we took a break from our usual direct drive to Whistler, took the time to do the hike. We took in the peace, the calm, the nature almost untouched.

Sea to Sky highway

16 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Hikking up ‘The Chief’

  1. Looks like it’s an hike up to the heaven itself 🙂 Would love to do it if and when I go there :D..

    Amazing pics, Comfy. Loved the clouds on the third pic, especially.

    1. You definately should T. Get over your fear of flying and get over there..And as I said don’t forget your passport.

      I love the 3rd Pic because the clouds are over Whistler mountains..and I LOVE Whistler.. 😀

  2. Wow! what a beautiful place to take a break in journey.
    You did a fabulous job with capturing beauty around in your camera.
    I can imagine how rewarding such breath taking views are after a hike 😀

    Keep traveling and sharing your adventure trips 😀


    1. We did not know what the view would be like..but Chief as I said is a rock climbing must..and so D wanted to hike up since he did not have the time to climb the various pitch..

      We are glad we did 🙂

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