Missing a bone..

I have to be..I mean that is the only explanation I can come up with.

Let me start at the very beginning. I don’t get all the things people do once they have kids. I scratch my head every time, thinking there has to be something I am missing. So here goes things I really truly don’t get.

  • Mother’s day/Father’s day – Come either of these days, Facebook status are filled with ‘Happy Mother’s/Father’s day to the bestest Mom/Dad in the whole wide world’ and all I can do is laugh out loud. I mean is everyone the best Mom/Dad? I bet you are to your kid. But to someone other than you or your immediate family reading, that is an incorrect statement. They have their own bestest Mom/Dad. I mean if you want to celebrate the day, please by all means go ahead. Even go and wish the other person on Facebook. But at least think through what you are writing and how it will be perceived. Now we, D and I, don’t celebrate either of these days along with Valentines Day, Friendship day and all the other days in between. It does not even cross our mind to wish each other. We have our Birthdays and anniversary to celebrate, not some day made up by card company. So may be that’s why all this wishing and bestest look strange to me.
  • Shoes – Shoes are advised against by doctors for kids who are learning to walk. Even a pair of socks are a no-no, as going bare feet helps the kids get a feel for walking and helps develop their muscles. But you see all these little ones wearing shoes, even newly born. I once even saw a little girl (less that 3 month old) who had flip-flops on. And I wonder why? Just because they are cute to look at?
  • Hair clips – I see parents go overboard with not giving the kid this to eat or that, because it’s a choking hazard and then putting hair clips on little girls head, which to my mind are the biggest choking hazard there is. I mean, I have not seen a single kid who does not pull the clip out of her head and put it in her mouth. The clip is slender enough and small enough for the kid to swallow, but even worse are the small flowers or animals glued on the clips to make them pretty. Enough number of times the glue gets undone and what were to happen if the kid was to swallow the artificial flower or animal?
  • Sunglasses – Now I know that kids sunglasses are oh so cute, but they are cheap glasses with no UV protective coating as with grown up glasses. So when the sun rays hit them, they are said to harm the delicate eyes of a young child. And yet we go on and prop sunglasses with a beetle and star on a babies face and then oh-ahh about it.
  • Cake – Celebration of monthly Birthdays again leave me bewildered. I get that every month is special as far as the baby is concerned. But please don’t look at me funny when I don’t cut a cake every month for my baby. I cound not give her any cake in the begining, since she was not even allowed solids till she hits the 6 month mark. So to my mind the cutting of a cake to celibrate monthly Birthday was useless if she cound not have any. If you want to eat a cake, why make an excuse out of it? Just go ahead and have some. For me the first Birthday is the special one. The baby can now have some cake as well. So that is when a candle is put on a cake, the candle blown, the cake cut and the first bite goes to the baby. That to my mind is a perfect celebration.
  • Gold – I see little (less than a month old) babies covered in gold. From bangles, to chain around the neck, to ear rings. I mean really, really?
  • Toys – How many toys do you think are enough for a kid? From what I see with Buzz, a toy is interesting the first hour or so that she sees it. After which she plays with it once in a while, but not really. So how many do you buy. Something new every few days, just to keep the baby entertained? Of course I am a bad Mom because I don’t do the same. I just divide all the toys in 3 batches and rotate them every week or so. And they seem new to Buzz and she plays with them all for a few days at a time.

But then just as I shake my head at all of the above and so many more people shake their head at me. I seem to be the odd one out. I seem to be the one people don’t get. I seem to be the one people look at questioningly.

And I still don’t go ahead and do any of the above. I still stand my ground. So I think I really might be missing the maternal bone, for continuing to let my practical side rule over my Oh-aah Mommy heart.

45 thoughts on “Missing a bone..

  1. 1. We don’t celebrate any of them too .. to each his own 🙂 U r abs. rt abt the card company part 🙂

    2,3,4,6 – cud nt agree more 🙂 I hv seen those gold chains causing so many scratches on their tender self too 😦 I personally think its just too much of show-off actually 😛

      1. Hmm true .. some of them do hv a lot of beliefs. I once happened to be at a function where this lady ws saying so n so many grams of chain hd to be put on the grandson. Thatz like too much no 😛

  2. Well,I agree to the list conceptually…and hence I think if you are following your instincts and you are sure what you are doing is logical then why bother about people shaking head at you or questioning you 🙂

    It’s your baby and YOU are the parent 🙂

    1. and talk about gold…I don’t like gold on myself [weird na ? But that’s how it is..and my skin too says no to it 🙂 ]…so I hope I’ll not let my babies get loaded with it 🙂

      1. Nt so weird …. I don’t wear much too except my earrings [which most of them think r way too small] and my mangal-sutra 😛

  3. Brwhahaha Comfy told you; you sound like me. 😉

    Recently on one occasion a nine month old baby was decorated head to toe; hair band on non-existing hair. I could see the mother swelling up with pride and the baby was unaware and busy in taking off the hair band. 😛 😀 😀
    and of course mother got all the compliments for knowing fashion and keeping her baby fashionable. 😀 😀

    1. On a serious note; all this and much more is still okay when one does it to satisfy own desires; not to stay in the competition and comparison rat race. You know what I mean ?

  4. I simply kept nodding my head in agreement as I read along 😀
    Great point regarding the hair clips and gold ornaments that people often decorate their little ones with 😀

    The day we’ll stop thinking of little kids as ‘miniature adults’ our passions of giving them mini forms of everything we adults use with go on a decline as well.

    Loved the great tip about rotating batches of toys for buzz over the weeks 😀

    Have lots of fun with buzz 😀 😀

  5. Things that people subject their kids to!
    I remember when I was new in the UK, I saw a woman carrying the ugliest dog ever in her arms and her cute baby was on a leash… I still don’t get it 😀

        1. hmmm..I need to see this leash thing..

          Strollers/buggies I kind of get..when you are in a hurry and want to get to some place..it’s easier to plop the child in one, rather than tag them along..but then again the question is how old are the big kids..about till 3 I can understand because they are very slow, but beyond that..not really..

    1. Yup..it’s all about commercial gains. See even if I were to celebrate say Valentine’s day..I would celebrate it a couple of days after the 14th..at least everything goes on sale then 😛

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