While I watch

..the winter Olympics..I feel..elated, joy, nostalgic, thanfull..and every couple of minutes you will find me screaming at the TV screen.. ‘I have been here. I love this place. And am glad that even if I can’t be there, I have been a part of those slopes many many times’.

As if any more explanation is required after this

Whistler, where you leave the clouds below as you take the gondola up the mountain. Whistler, where you ski, snowboard, on a clear sunny day while it rains in the town below. Whistler, where ever which direction you look at, you see snow-covered mountains glowing bright. Whistler, where you catch 3 different lifts to get to the top of the mountain and even a beginner can ski down from the topmost point of the mountain. Whistler, which is not complete without its sister mountain Blackcomb.

Whistler, the town I have seen get ready for the Olympics, the ‘Sea to Sky’ highway I have seen getting expanded, the ‘Peak to Peak’ gondola cart I have seen on the road being taken to its final destination.

And then I saw this spot of TV and could not help but smile

Because it’s a Coke ad and they are the best when it comes to making ads, but because this the Whistler town. And I recognize every turn, every landmark.

Whistler, I love you. Whistler, I will be back.


16 thoughts on “While I watch

    1. Whistler is a town..correct..and Whistler is also name of a mountain which along with it’s sister mountain Blackcomb make up the Whistler ski resort. 🙂

  1. Wow! So much fun and its so nice when we have seen every corner of it rt 🙂
    Just today, I ws seeing Gangtok in some pgm and I ws hyper-excited and yelling when I saw anything and everything that we could recognize 😛

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