What do you..

What do you see, when my face you look at..
Do you see my lips curved in a smile.
Or the furrow of my brows..
Or the worry in my eyes.

What do you hear, when my voice you hear
Do you hear the laugh.
Or the trepidation I feel..
Or the sob that I hold back.

What do you feel, when my hand you hold..
Do you feel the soothing touch.
Or the need to hold on tight
Or the desperation of my grip.

You do feel all of what I feel, don’t you..
And continue to hold on strong, just for me.
You do feel the heaviness in the heart, don’t you..
And still stand as my rock, weathering everything without a word.


44 thoughts on “What do you..

  1. Well!

    I imagine that he sees something not-far-off from who is there, yet never quite precisely so.

    The real question is, does this constitute a tragic flaw of the human condition, or the saving grace which allows us to experience mystery and wonder in this terribly predictable world?

    I appreciate your use of repetition and parallelism in this piece. I also enjoy the sparing, measured application of meter. I realize that your ink is not intended for explication (or, as I like to consider it, dissection) but I like to praise the praiseworthy as articulately as possible.

    It’s nice to have fresh, new poetry on the Internet for my pleasure at the click of a button. Thanks for penning it.

    Respectfully and Sincerely,


  2. I’m thinking if I should copy this and tell my sweetheart I wrote this for her.

    But I don’t think I should.

    She’d know in a second it’s not me and then I’d get killed!

    Hehehaha! 😛

    See my blog! 🙂

  3. Comfy,with whatever reasons you have written this..I hope alls well. Super tight {{{{hugs}}}} to you sweetheart !

    On another note..this poem has also set a tone of assurance and thankfulness..which is sweet in itself !

    This one has simply made way to my heart.How someone makes a difference to our entire being and is so important to us ! The feeling of gratefulness is overflowing in me for my rock 😉

    1. So go show your overflowing feelings to your rock.. 😉 ahem

      Thanks for the tight hugs..much appreciated..and I am thankful, more than I can ever say..

    1. lol..what is with all the guys..you both want to copy and pass it on at home 😆

      But do feel free to use it if it can get you something better than Khichdi.. 😛 😛

      Thank you and thanks for dropping by 🙂

  4. Very nice! I’m not going to try and interpret in any particular way because there’s a beauty in these words just as they are strung together.

  5. beautifully written, Comfy…I know I’m late and all of the comments above have already said whatever I want to :D…so lemme just say that this was wonderful!..hugs!

  6. Wonderful….full of love 😀
    I know am very late at commenting, but I read this heart warming piece on the right day, Valentine’s day 😀

    Loved the surge of emotions in this poetry 😀

    Keep up the wonderful work Comfy 😀


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