Little bit of sunshine

As the eyes tear up, the mind is numb and the head hurts (I have a cold people and can’t seem to think straight..clarification else you take it all wrong), a little ray of sunshine comes in form of all the cool people in the blog world. Badges (as T calls them) come in from two sources. As I stand humbled and excited (as if I would not be), I want to thank every one of you who have welcomed me to the blogging world with open arms and taken the time to read this blog.

To be fair Matt gave me the below three badges a while back but I never did get around to accepting them. So rectifying the same. Thanks a whole bunch Matt.

I would love to pass the badges on to BlueMist – ’cause the myriad of thoughtful post that she writes, always get me to retrospect and try be a better person, CelestialRays – for her honest, wierd people she meets posts, Nu – for the questions she raises and smiles she brings, Revs – ’cause she stands strong and makes life a little bit better for everyone with her sometimes serious, often times funny posts, Swaram – for writing posts direct Dil Se,  Titaxy for her poems and haikus and stories that always touch a chord.

Now on to badges I gathered today.

Blue Mist passed the badge of Honest Scrap. And has me scratching my head to come up with 10 honest things about myself.

So here goes:

  1. I am not particular maternal. I mean till my niece was born and then Buzz, I never went gaga over any kid, at least not much. It was not like I went out of my way to stay away from them, but I never did put in a lot of effort to getting to know them either.
  2. There are things/events I don’t talk about with anyone. Not my parents, not D, not friends. They stay inside. My family and friends may know of them, but I never bring them up and hence they don’t realize how deep of an impact those incidents have on me.
  3. I can sense other peoples feeling very easily. I can sense something is wrong from one look, one word over the phone, one sentence over email.
  4. My family and friends are my world and I can do anything for them. But the practice side of me, raises its head and will not be clamped down when I think something is not correct.
  5. I hate shopping but if I am at the mall and like some dress, I buy it for a certain occasion in mind and then keep the dress hanging in my closet till that occasion comes along may that be 3-4 months off.
  6. I never know how to react to gifts given. Money spend on me always makes me uncomfortable.
  7. There is a creative side of me that has been on the back burner for a real long time. I am glad that since starting to blog, a little bit of it has started to breathe again.
  8. I can’t but help answer honestly when people ask me direct questions. I might be uncomfortable and not want to answer (especially on the blog since I want to keep a certain anonymity), but I still do go ahead.
  9. I always am left bewildered when I go back to India and hear comments like ‘She speaks very good Hindi’ (err..I stayed in India the first 20+ years of my life..I am not about to forget Hindi) or ‘She is such a nice person to wear Salwar Kameez’ (what..people who don’t wear salwar kameez are not nice?) and all comments to the effect which imply I am something they did not expect me to be since I don’t stay in India any more.
  10. I have a slow burning fuse. It takes a lot to get me angry. But once I do, watch you. The show is spectacular and goes on for a real long time.  

Phew that out of the way..let me pass the badge and tag to a few people. So here goes: AHK – because she has the strength to write about things which are difficult and because she needs to update her blog at least one last time before the baby comes :), Dido – for she has the funnest and honest posts there are and her last tag was a hoot, Ramit – well since he is one of the few people I know who writes about what goes on in a relationship honestly and makes everyone laugh along (you can combine it with the other tag, but dude get on with it), Revs – well because she is honest and loves tags and needs to update her blog (it’s been a while babe).

Mr Bald Guy also gave me the following badge 

And I am speechless..and have no words but to say Thank You..Thank You so very much. And I would like to pass this award to all the mommies and mommy-to-be out there..because..well because every mother is a caring. So if you are a Mom and you are reading this post, please grab this badge.

And finally since I am it, let me show off a little. Blue Mist made this badge for the winner of the caption contest and I was one of the 3 people whose caption was chosen. And this badge needs to be showed off (it’s so well designed) and yay me and the other two for winning.


39 thoughts on “Little bit of sunshine

      1. Thank you(Remember from my last post that I was going to accept compliments gracefully? There..) But I have to say, you are too nice to me 🙂 Thank you very much Comfy {hugs}

        Will take up the tag and do it along with Divz’

        PS: Those tears were to prove my Drama-queen avatar 😛

  1. oh forgot to comment on your honest points :D..

    loved reading more about you, of course 🙂

    you can read people easily? i’m the worst when it comes to that…can never tell who is feeling what…

    gifts makes me v uneasy too 😀

  2. Congrats Comfy .. so many awards and winner of the caption contest too .. awesome!

    Thank u Dil-Se Comfy .. So sweet of u to pass on the awards 🙂

    5 – I salute u for that 😉 😉

  3. Wow! so many awards for our dear Comfy 😀
    Congratulations 🙂 😀

    Loved to know how cool headed you are, I used to be the hot-short-rot tempered in my teens. Though I’ve cooled down a lot after I stepped in my twenties 🙂

    Am not very good at reading emotions but yes am pretty good in reading people’s minds.

    Loved knowing a bit more about you.

    Have lots of fun 😀


  4. Congratulations and get well soon are in order M’adame.
    It is going to sound creepy when I say I had this thought which is exactly same as #1 on my mind. I am not a kids person and can not go “awww” seeing each & every kid. Unless and until I feel from inside I maintain the distance.

    and on 6th as well. Center of attraction always makes me uncomfortable. Gifts compliments make me go mute.

    and yes on practical side too. 😀 😀

    lastly thanks for accepting those badges . You deserve them 🙂

    1. Thanks Misty..I am on the mend now..hopefully will be all better in a couple of days..

      I think the practical side that we have is the root cause of most of the things we have in common.

      I went through your honest scrap and loved reading about you as well.. 🙂

  5. 2, 4 . 5 . 8, and 10 … ammmaaaa dittoooo dido… i mean ditto me..!!! comfyyy… my tag can b picked frm urs lolzzz…

    thts exactly how i am …:O …. r u my twin :O ??

    hehe…i’l go ahead n take the tag… thanksss sweetie 🙂

  6. Arey, what punya did I do recently to get the same award 2 times in a week. Wowie!! Feel really really honored Comfy , Thank you!! 🙂 Additional Thanks for giving me topic to post next 😉

    About your honest list –

    Haha! on #1. 😀

    Wow! on #3, really?

    Ditto, same pinch on #6. Totally understand.

    Congratulations on all your badges..and needless to say, you very well deserve them.

  7. Point no. 6: I am also uncomfortable with people spending money on me, in any form. Be it gifts, taking me out for movie, lunch, dinner or anything. I would rather pay for myself and the other person as well rather than having the other person pay for me…

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