Best laid plans

Tomorrow is a big day..a day which brings about a major change in our lives..a day I have thought about..planned for..chalked out every single detail about..for more than a year and a half now..

And as I make final preparations, my heart is eyes fighting head refusing to have a single coherent thought..

11 or so hours to go..


37 thoughts on “Best laid plans

  1. I dont want to intrude, but it got me worried when I read this post of yours. Whatever it may be, may God give you the strength to eendure this! My best wishes with you always..take care

        1. Oh how I wish I had BMW Z4..or Audi TT..Rolls gaahh, that’s for oldies..who cares about them..

          How about you buy Buzz a Tobu Cycle and I will send it back to you once she is done 😀

          1. Ramit will buy one for Buzz. But dont you send it back already. Hold on to it for the 2nd child 😛 Oh no, 3rd 😀 (I’m the 1st right?)

              1. Be Glad to! It’ll be a pleasure. Email me your address and what kinds you want. And I promise it’ll not be pink!

                Why No to 2nd? All well? (Not that I should ask)

                1. Dude since I have not slept all night for more than a year you think I am crazy to do this a second time around?

                  Thanks for the offer for the for the cycle..much appreciated 😀

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