A pair of Jeans

Ah, once there was a plan..

Help promised by the entire clan.

On all sweets  a ban..

Not even a coke can.


Alas things fall apart..

Finding time is an art.

From the plan I depart..

Weight loss is now in the cart.


With things not going great..

Old clothes fit not, at this rate.

To have the sadness abate..

Pick the keys, walk out the gate.


To buy a pair of jeans standing in the store..

Ugh, the collection ugly to the core.

Skinny, tattered, distressed, all styles I abhor..

Who, tell me who, these styles wore.


Sigh, to have such ugly a goal..

Jeans I would not touch with a pole.

Even with a threat to be burnt over coal..

Would not put such a burden on my soul.


Tell me is it such difficult a task..

A good pair of Jeans too much to ask.

When they put on the designer mask..

And in the title so bask.

51 thoughts on “A pair of Jeans

  1. And you tell me you are bad in this!! Tch tch tch {shakes head in disbelief}

    And I echo your thoughts! Denim and me just dont get along well these days.

    1. I am not..I can’t write anything deep or meaningful like T or BM or Divz..
      This is all fluff..but then I was not going for deep here anyways.. 🙂

      Denim and me..same boat as you 😦

      1. errr excuse me??? that poem about friends… you call that ‘not deep’?
        sheez girl!
        anyway, I am not saying this coz you are my friend, but coz its true. Comedy in poems has always been the most difficult thing to achieve even for great poets. They say that soul stirring poems can be written pretty easily but good humoured poems are seldom written. Which is why we have a dearth of light hearted poems.
        So if anything, you have gone way ahead in writing poems lady, even without knowing it 😀

        1. really..you are good in rhyming comfy..let other’s [that is us 🙂 ] decide about your writing skills 🙂 Right-Revs & Divz ?

  2. Er… Uh… Sorry about the three zero thing just in case you haven’t crossed the benchmark yet.

    Now I’m off to see if the tea stain can come off the carpet. Or soon I’ll be Late Shri Bald Guy! 😦

  3. What a poem Comfy !! Ms. Rhyme 😉 Oh the same story this side girl !

    Purani jeans fit nahi hoti..
    Nayi jeans click nahi hoti !!

    LOL !!

  4. Wow!
    U r talented girl! 🙂

    To your rescue again… 😀 Go, get the denim material and stitch it!!!!
    Many do that, regardless of what size they are! 🙂

    Go, go, go girl!!!!!!

          1. The deal is this:

            I come over and stitch for you and Buzz. [hopefully I’ll know how to ;)] AND in turn you take me to all the camping and hiking places that you have been posting about !

            Done ?

  5. lol…i stopped buying jeans long ago 😀 can’t find a good one, i get bored within minutes of entering the store…and now even am at a point where old jeans aren’t fitting :D..so either have to start hitting the gym or must go shopping…i think gym is a a better option 😛

    loved the poem, btw 😀

    1. Anytime ! Gym is a perfect option ! For all of us it seems 🙂 Let’s start a record club where in we all push each other to go to the gym…I’m sure most of us ‘have to’ hit the gym but aren’t really hitting it ! At least me 😦

    2. Hitting the gym is always the best option..the problem is finding the time..at least for me right now..

      I don’t sleep through the night..so getting up in the morning to hit the gym does not work..and evenings I always rush home to be with Buzz..

      ..So Gym gets left behind.. 😦

      And T, the four line rhyme idea I took from you..so thanks.. 🙂

  6. Hey, nice poem Comfy. I have been using my old jeans for years(eeks) and I just cant seem to find one more good one? With all the low hip, bootcut. staright cut, slim fit options I guess they stopped manufacturing the real good ones. I am back to my old jeans…thankfully am fitting into them after my delivery.

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