My country

A couple of years after I moved here, I made a trip back to India. Had so many much to do..people to meet up with..clothes to to eat..movies to to buy..

In order to mark a metal check mark on my To Do list, I dragged Maa to watch a movie in the theater..don’t remember which one it was.. But I remember so enjoying standing in the meandering line outside Galaxy in order to buy the ticket, the controlled chaos of stepping in to a theater and finding a seat to sit, the trailers of new coming movies.

But what I remember foremost is the national anthem playing. They had just started doing this in movie halls and I was caught unaware. The first strains and I was up on my feet. As the rest of the people slowly shuffled to their feet, all I could do was stare at the national flag on the screen. There is no explaining the emotions I went through those 1 minute and 10 or so seconds. This was my country, my national anthem. Something I had not heard in over two years. Somewhere around the middle my eyes filled up and the tears spilled.

Till date I can’t listen to the national anthem without tears brimming in my eyes. I may not stay in India, but that does not make me any less an Indian..that does not make me any less attached to that land..that does not make me any less proud of my country.. In fact staying away in a way has made me appreciate the smallest of things a lot more..made me respect the culture a whole lot..made me much more emotional when hearing the bars of..Jan Gan Man..


24 thoughts on “My country

  1. Yeah, I too like this concept of playing National Anthem in IMAX before/after the movie. Once we are out of school, we hardly sing our anthem…so for me this provides a very good opportunity. On a side note, I love reading your blog. I am not very good at writing but I enjoy reading blogs.

    1. National Anthem in Movie halls I think are a good idea..but whenever I am there and people don’t stand or just kind of stand but not really..I feel sad..
      You should try your hand on writing a blog. It’s just a place to put down your come on..give it a shot.. 🙂

  2. True happens to me too even if I’m in India listening to the anthem every time I go to watch a movie..there is some kind of adrenaline rush which makes me emotional and I fall in love with the country all over again !

    Happy republic day to you !! The las paragraph of the post is so well written… 🙂

    1. I love our National Anthem..having heard a few around the world I like ours best..I know, I know..I am biased but I love the rhythm, the melody, the words..everything about it..
      Hope you had a Happy Republic day as well Nu 🙂

      1. of course nothing being bias..Me too loves the way it is composed and sun !

        Ironically, our people don’t respect it. Like in theaters, I have seen people talking on mobile and not standing or talking to each other..worst..eating while standing for the anthem ! These people suck !

  3. This is such a lovely post and answers so many ppl who think patriotism only means staying bk here 😀

    Proud to be an Indian 🙂 Ur post made me all teary-eyed 🙂

    1. There are a lot of reasons people don’t stay back in India..and I know enough people here who get emotional while talking about India..We are proud of our country..No questions asked..

      Passing the tissue.. 🙂

  4. I have seen an attitude Comfy, that hurts me to no end…

    people think just because you live outside the country, you don’t have a say in it’s current affairs…
    that all ‘NRI’s are the same…

    but what you said is absolutely true – because we live outside we value the smallest things over there 🙂
    nicely written 🙂

    1. We do..don’t we..Every time I land in India, the smallest of things excite me..the new bridge under construction, the new ad on TV..I even enjoy the raat jaga held at neighbor’s place with loudspeakers on all night..Those are just flavors of India.. 🙂

  5. Very touching. You strike some chord I guess.

    I have this very fond memory from my school days. Our school used to start early and after one or two periods; the neighboring school used to start. and there they used to play the “Jana-Gan-Mana”. A few of us used to stop and stand up in the class until it was over. A few laughed initially. Slowly it became a ritual. Feels so good.

  6. and I thought I was the only wierd one.. I get tears while listening to Jan Gan Man, during flag hoisting, watching the parade, armed forces officers marching by.. anything that has got to do with India brings tears to my eyes… Sentimental, emotional fool I guess I am..

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