Need some colour

Attention: Rant alert

Level: Elevated

Importance: High

Colour : Pink

Everything started because I went all maternal last week. Well I was taking some clothes out for Buzz to wear as we were heading out and I went..hmm..’Buzz is outgrowing her current clothes. And we have a lot of party invitations all of Feb. And I haven’t bought any new clothes for her in a while. Bad mommy Comfy’.

This had me heading to the Mall to buy clothes for Buzz, in between all the work stuff deadline I was dealing with, on the weekend. And now I am see-sawing between anger and helplessness.

Why you ask? Well because one step into the children’s section..splash..cold bucket of water thrown over all my ideas on what I was going to buy. I guess it is my fault that I went to the mall with preconceived notion of what I wanted to buy.

What is that you ask? All I wanted was to buy a couple of dresses, in cotton, in some fun colours, which made me go all aww when I saw them on Buzz.

What I got you ask? A sea of dresses in shiny, scratchy material, with ruffles and laces and bows up to the throat, and all in PINK.

I mean come on. I know Buzz is a girl. I know, you don’t have to tell me, really I know. But Pink only. The only colour you sell baby girl clothes in? Really? OK I have made a valiant effort to keep her from that colour for most parts till now and this is retribution for the same. I get it. But can’t you give me something at least a little bit less fussy? I mean the poor little thing will drown in all the shebang you have attached to those dresses. Princess dresses D calls them and I agree. There is something in this country about treating a child as a prince or princess. And I rebel big time.

Let me clarify: Buzz is special to me. No other child is currently as special to me as Buzz is. As if that is not true for all moms out there. Sheesh I am not special that way. In the same way Buzz is not that special to anyone else but to me. And I am trying, real hard, that she goes up with her head firmly on her shoulders. That she does not grow up with ‘I am special, bow down to me world’ syndrome. And so I rebel against anything only on an esthetic level but on a moral level as well.

But the world obsessed with Disney and out to make profit by selling the image is stepping up its game big time. If I can’t find anything else, I will have to buy the dresses they throw my way will I not? Well no. I am not.

What did I do you ask? I walked in the boys section. Bought a couple of trousers and a few T-shirts in green, white and blue. So what if half the people who will see Buzz will think she is a Boy. So what if we have been brain washed that if a baby is not wearing pink or a frock or has a hair-band or some fluffy hair-pin, then the baby is a boy. I am sticking to my guns, till Buzz is grown up enough to tell me she wants to wear the pink dress on that shelf. I will give in give up  then (may be not gracefully but will give in) but not a minute before that.

Anyways, moral of the story: Feeling maternal is a sure way to get ones blood pressure up.

PS: Why pink..why only pink when there are so many colour out there? Give me some orange, red, brown, yellow, green and some shaded in between please..Someone..anyone..??

26 thoughts on “Need some colour

  1. i totally get your point, comfy…no no, i don’t have a child…but when i was helping a friend pick out some clothes for babies last year, i was totally taken back by what the girl sec had to offer…i mean come on, some pink is ok….but a section dedicated to that color…sigh..where’s the variety?

    oh well…hope you find something nice for buzz soon…hugs!

  2. I understand what you say. Especially in US there is not much choice of colors. For girls its always pink and white and for boys its blue or white. I always buy clothes in India for my niece and nephew in US. And I too dont like this concept of all princessy frocks. Everytime my sis buys a new frock for my niece she spends so much time in front of the mirror and keeps saying that she looks like a princess. What to do now??

  3. I so know what you mean!!! I went to buy a gift when I was visitng a friend who has just recently had a baby boy…and I was stunned as I passed the kidswear section — a sea of pink!!! For the record, I hate pink and if I ever have a daughter, there is going to be an anti-pink stance here!

    And don’t even get me started on the styles. Could they get any sluttier for little girls??!!! I’m not a prude but a 6 year old walking in an outfit that’s fit for an 18 year old is not my cup of tea!

    Almost makes you wish you had saved your clothes from when you were a child, huh? Cute frocks, shorts and tees and a variety of colours

    1. I know PB. I wish I had saved my old clothes too..

      Buzz is not even one and the clothes you get for her and horrible.
      And I hate pink a whole me honest I use to love the color..(looks all sheepish)..but can’t stand it anymore..what with the overload that they have in the US. Buzz has had 2 pink dresses to date and both were gifted to us. I buy no pink for her..

  4. Er… That’s not the way here. Don’t mean to tease you, but we have all the colors here. No one cares for pink for baby girls. But, if you’re looking for gift boxes with maybe dresses, napkins, gloves, shoes etc. for little babies, then you’d get the standard pink for girls and blue for boys, but apart from that there are all colors available.

    Want me to mail you some? No bother at all. 🙂

    1. Really??..while I was in India I found not many..and I was in the raady market and small shops.
      They might not be pink..but they have the huge flower syndrome..
      Sigh maybe I am too picky..maybe that is the problem 😦

  5. And I agree with Psych Babbler, the clothes for little girls are becoming like the Miss Universe contest here too. But only in the high end “phoren” shops. Go to any regular store in some family market and you’ll find everything.

    And I mean everything. All colors, all styles, simple clothes in cotton that the baby can wear without getting bells and whistles up her nose. 😀

    1. I need to find these shops when I am in India next..

      PS: For some reason I can’t reply on Blogspot anymore. Sorry..I have tried and tried to reply to your post but can’t. Have the same problem with all other blogspot blogs 😦

  6. AAh, thank you for saying this. Have you heard of the Pinkstinks campaign?:

    And check out the blog – they write a lot about socialization of gender. Girls and women always ‘are’, and boys and men ‘do’ – this just sets us up for a generation (or more) of utterly passive, reactive women who don’t know how to control their destinies.

      1. I loved both the sites Takshaka..I want one of those ‘Pink Stinks’ T-shirts..
        I should probably go order and then distribute them around to friends who dress their daughters in pink only 😀

  7. Well that’s pretty sad Comfy..but I’m sure your next India trip would buy some good colors and decent clothes for Buzz,ya ?

    I can understand your anger ! 🙂 For the moment you have taken a way out…so relax 🙂 You are an intelligent mother !

  8. yes, thats a good idea Comfy. I mean getting her clothes stitched. My mom buys variety of material for my niece and we have a tailor who kind of specialises in stitching clothes for kids. The variety of colors she gets is just awesome. I agree that the readymade clothes have a slightly better finishing look than the tailored ones but we always have the choice to mix and match diff patterns and colors. I am sure it would work out for you .

  9. Ohh tees rock anyday na .. look cool and r so comfortable for Buzz too 🙂
    Let alone the colours, those laces and beads and all those make my head go round and round! I hv been to these parties where ppl dress their kids up in them and the kids keep trying to tear them apart! I feel its more imp. to dress them up in what keeps them comfortable than like a princess or a rockstar 😛 😛

    1. I know..I would be so scarred if Buzz were to wear any such dress that she will put one of those beads in her mouth and choke on it..
      T-shirts with trousers or no nothing cotton frocks are the only way I dress her..

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