These boots are meant for walking

or not.. 

Buzz had not worn shoes till about a month back. Now she wears them while going out, not because she needs them but because it’s cold out and the shoes help keep her feet warm. And anyways doctors recommend no shoes or socks for kids learning to walk because bare feet gives them a feel for walking and helps develop their muscles better.

Buzz has been walking up a storm the past month and a half. And now is quite proficient at it. She barely ever crawls any more. Till about a couple of weeks back she used to get up holding on to something, start walking, if she fell she would crawl to the nearest object she could hold on to in order to stand up and then start walking again. Now she has mastered the standing up from sitting position without any support bit. So she has stopped crawling almost completely.  

Till..till the shoes get on her feet. She has no idea what to do with them? She gets down to crawling around as soon at the shoes get put on. Then after a while she treats them as play things and starts to put them in her mouth and chews on them. Finally after a couple of tries..she stood up while wearing shoes. She then picked her left foot high and placed it straight on the ground in front of her. And then did the same with her right foot. So no arching her feet, just pick them up high and put them down wherever she likes. And that is how she’s been walking whenever she has her shoes on. Like a little robot.

It’s just so much fun watch her get through little things and how she tackles every new experience that makes it her way 😀


56 thoughts on “These boots are meant for walking

    1. Oh, I should tell you this..she recognizes her shoes as well. If let go such that see can get to the shoe rack..she goes picks her pair up and then walks all over the house holding them.. 🙂

  1. “awww sweetie
    mamma confuses you by putting shoes on your little feet and has fun to sit back and have you figure it out, doesn’t she? we’ll make her buy you real expensive fashionable shoes, a pair to match each dress, when you grow up 😀
    hi-five on that!”

    Comfy you write Buzz posts in such a way that one can picturize everything happening 😀

    1. Oye..where do I get the money for real expensive fashionable shoes..that too matching every dress..Tell you what..I will dress her in one colour from now and buy her one pair. What say 😛

      You should see her walk in person. You can’t help but laugh out loud.

      1. this is cheating… one colour dress…
        Buzzu we’ll get you shoes dont worry 🙂
        we’ll spoil you enough to make sad puppy faces in front of daddy dearest and he’ll buy you whatever you want 😀
        in time it’ll all be taught :p

  2. aww aww aww…sweet lil robot :)….i sooooooo wanna see her walk :D…oh well, your post did some magic, i did visualize the robot walk :)…hugs to buzz..

      1. not far? i guess you dunno abt my absolute hate for flying…so when i have enough time and energy to drive to your place, i will come….but you know what, i can invite you here, can’t i? come on, take a vacation, visit this side of the country….i promise i will be a nice host :D, if you bring buzz along..ok fine, even otherwise…start making plans now.

        1. You hate flying? Oh do you make to India and back?
          I am out of vacation as of now..But will remember I have an invitation from your side when we get to planning our next trip 🙂

          1. 😦 i haven’t been back since I moved to US 😦

            come over, maybe spring / summer…we can go for a camping trip?….there are some amazing places around 🙂

            1. {revs walks here, notes all the talk abt trips and all that and stomps away in a not-so-graceful, not-so-robot fashion}

  3. That’s so cute. You do realize she’s going to be pretty embarrassed when she grows up and reads this particular post! Let’s see a video of her face close up when she’s 18 and reads this one! 😉 😛

    1. Oh I hope she is not embarrassed..I love hearing anecdotes of my growing up years..and I am hoping Buzz enjoys these records as much as I do putting them down…

  4. Wow! so our little Buzz is getting smarter and active by the day. i loved her perseverance to get wherever she wanted by walking and that’s not happening then by crawling 😀

    That’s the sign of a winner from the start 😀

    Have lots of fun Comfy watching our little fairy at play 🙂

    Loads of love to mumma fairy and the little fairy :D:D


  5. Awww! 🙂 Very cute! I am amazed at how you can sit back patiently and record every step of hers in your mind. I would have grabbed her by now and gobbled her down. 🙂

  6. How sweet an account most of the gang has said that you write so well that we can actually see it happening right in front of us then 🙂

    Buzzie pie: you have so many mausees to spoil you with loads of love…so tell mumma that I’m a princess and I’ll dress like one with so many shoes and dresses 😉

    Muaaaaaaah to Buzz 🙂 and comfy a pat on your back for writing so well 🙂

  7. You sketched it so well. I could almost see hear the pitter-patter of her tiny feet. 🙂

    Btw I have seen shoes for even more tinier babies like six months or so. May be they are to console the new mommies desires. 😛

    1. You are spot on BM. One gets shoes for new borns as well. Babies generally start walking no earlier than 9 months. But need shoes around 14 months when they start walking independently on the road and things. So before that shoes are more about making Mommies happy rather than anything else. 😛

      1. Not only shoes Comfy; talk about those tiny butterfly clips ! I have seen 4-5 month old girls with those matching tiny clips to holding that delicate hair; unaware of the anything resting in pram and the mommies puffed with happiness. 😀 😀

        1. I have a very close friend whose daughter is a couple of days older than Buzz and she has so many shoes and clips and hair bands..
          Buzz finally has one pair of shoes..

          My friend looks at me funny..that I don’t buy these things for Buzz..and I look at her funny that why put a kid in all of those.. 😀

          1. Matt is here ! 😀

            Oh please!! 😛 Revs sure doesn’t want competition from me here.

            As pointed out by her ,I shall not take away the simple pleasures of life 😛 😀 😀

            ****bows down for the standing ovation****

              1. @Matt: {waving white flag} I’ve been quite emmm free at home the last few days. Hence the prompt comments. I shall let you get back to your #1 position soon so you can have your own share of simple pleasures 😀

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