Travel Thursday – Camping

For me travel is synonymous to camping. That is not to say we never go on non-camping vacations. That just means that I really enjoy vacations were we get to go camping.

I remember when we went shopping for our tent. D and I were newlyweds. D was skeptical about the whole thing because he was not sure how much I would like camping, me having never slept in a tent before. But he needed to buy a tent for his various outdoor adventures and I tagged along. Once at the store as he went looking at the various specs, the weight, the height when pitched, the surface area, the number of people the tent can sleep, 3 season tent vs. 4 season tent (all important measures when you are backpacking in changing climatic conditions), I promptly went and fell for the most good-looking tent pitched on the store floor. Yes, I am shallow like that.

I am glad the tent I felt in love with met all the conditions D was looking for, because it was too early in our marriage to test the strength of it. And who knows who would come out a winner in that :). Anyways we bought our tent and came back home. And then not a day passed where I did not pester D when we could go camping. In a couple of days I was so fed up that I remember threatening him that I would pitch the tent in our living room and sleep in it, if we did not go camping soon. When we finally did go camping, I promptly fell in love with it and am up for a camping trip most any time.

I love being able to pitch our tent right on the sandy beach. The last thing that you hear as you drift to sleep is the waves hitting the shore. The sound of the waves, being the first think that registers as you get up in the morning.

Sea side camp

I love having a campsite surrounded by the green of trees and bushes, overlooking gigantic snow-capped mountains.

Camp at Wonder Lake

I love the view of the mountains as I sit inside the tent and watch the sun go down. Fall asleep to the music of wind, wake up to the chirping of birds

View from inside the tent

I love our tent in the middle of a climbing paradise where at day end I see D making his way down from his last climb of the day. Where I open my eyes to D getting his gear ready for the climbing day ahead.

Tent + sand + rock

I love how our tent makes it journey around the world and makes it way to base camps of various mountains.

Advance base camp - Stoke Kangri

I love sitting in front of the camp fire at the end of the day. No TV, no laptop, no distraction. Just the two of us, talking about anything, everything. Just being with each other. I love how relaxing it is to soak up the warmth of the fire on a chilly night, when nothing else intrudes.

Camp + fire
Camp + Fire

I also have to admit that I love how cheap the vacation is. A campsite is not more than $25 a night (for the most expensive site) and we cook our own food. Not because it’s about money.. because in fact it’s about spreading the budgeted money for vacation so that we can take a lot more of them.

And I loved that when we took Buzz camping for the first time, after the tent was pitched and the mattress and sleeping bags set up inside, we lay her down inside the tent. What did she do? She laughed out loud and kept at it till we where there. No one was entertaining her, no one trying to get her to laugh. There was something about the tree branches moving and the birds hopping from one place to other. There was something about the experience she so loved, that made an impression on her, that she laughed and laughed and we smitten parents that we are, laughed with her 🙂


22 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Camping

  1. it’s all so pretty amazing comfy !!! wowieeeee

    Want to just get onto one of the tents…specially the sea side one ! I have never done tent camping 😦

    But this all is making me do it for sure now 🙂

    1. Errr..silly question indeed.. 🙂
      Campgrounds have running water, restrooms and showers.. All you need to do is walk a bit to get there..
      And that is so much fun at night when everything is quite and the night pitch black 😀

  2. awww tht wass soooo cutee…. camping is surelyyy fun.. wen we on the trip to diveagar.. there was this group who had bought tents and had set up their base at the beach… how much we wished we all had thot about this earlier….

    after reading ur posttt …i am dying to go campingg….

    1. Go for it..then come back and tell me how you liked it.. 🙂

      You should have just walked up to the group who brought tents..befriended them and then slept in the tent with them 😀

  3. Woww! U hv hd some finest ones na … the beach, the snow – awesome 🙂

    I am gonna use this post as a hint too nw 😛 😛

    Loved the last para .. the happy family 🙂

    1. We do have a lot of fun camping..

      And then there are camping trips with friends..which are so much fun..sitting around the campfire at night..playing antankshri..good times.. 🙂

      Yes yes..use the post as a hint.. 😀

    1. Not a silly question at all BM.
      We have a little camping stove which fits on top of a small propane cylinder that we use to cook on. Something like what you see here Also the campfire area has a grill that you can bring down and then cook on the grill when the fire is going.. 🙂

      Yes we carry all the raw materials with us.

      1. Hey that one in the pic looks cute. 🙂
        Camping is different ball game altogether isn’t it ?
        May be you can do a dummies guide for us; the non-campers. 🙂
        but I am seriously curious about this stuff now. The pic in previous looks so inviting.

        1. Camping is different from a normal vacation because you need much more than personal items when going on a camping trip. And the kind of gear you have makes a huge impact on the kind of trip you will have.
          I have the bestest sleeping bag which keeps me warm no matter the temperature outside and that is complain number one I hear from people who don’t enjoy camping.
          Also you need to go in with the mindset of roughing it out a bit. I mean it’s not as luxurious as a soft mattress in a comfortable hotel room.
          But it’s a blast. And I really enjoy it. Ask any questions that you have. Would love to answer.. 🙂

  4. ohhhh me loves camping…last year, i went camping almost all weekends of the summer…and even the year before comprised of many camping weekends :D…i totally love falling asleep listening to the water, with so much green around…serene…total bliss.

    hopefully will get to explore a lot more this spring / summer / fall. 😀

    i haven’t been camping during winter…have you?

    1. Wow..all weekends of the summer..I can never beat that..But it’s so much fun is it not 🙂

      I have been on one camping trip during the winter. D is the one who has done snow camping a few times..

  5. as such me and my friends dont do camping. but we did lots of traveling last summer. lassen park, yosemite, etc etc…waiting for this summer to do some traveling again!

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