Showered with love

Some 3 weeks back an almost unknown blogger to me (won’t give her name as she gets a little upset at it and all) left a very cryptic message on one of my posts.

Want to talk to you. Please get in touch with me at It’s urgent

My first instinct was that I had somehow broken some unwritten blogging rule and I was going to be educated in rules of blogging (sort of initiation since I am new to the game and all). Well I did get initiated but in a way far different from what I had expected.

What I was being asked was to get on board along with a few other bloggers to throw a blog baby shower for one particular MTB. With a single email which just said ‘Sure‘, I became part of the inner circle, with a lot of plans on how, when, where discussed. Does anyone remember the excitement of the first time you got an email address and started receiving emails.  The time when you rushed to get to the internet first chance you got (internet not being easily accessible those days). The time you opened your email and had loads of emails from friends. Forwards they might be, but you opened every single one of them, saw every single PowerPoint talking about the beauty of friends, read through every single Santa Banta joke, even forwarded those..send this to 10 friends in 10 mins to get what you wish in 10 days mails. That was the kind of excitement I got up to every single day. And this in the age where email, holds no more excitement, something I take for granted.

Anyways I would get up in the morning to 200 plus emails in my mail box and would read through every single one of those, even though I knew most of them talked about food that someone was having, or was about to have, or wanted to have. I got reviews for ‘3 idiots’ from these email. I got must watched movie recommendations from them. But the underlined theme was that I made friends. Some of them where people whose blog I read and commented on regularly, some were blogger whose blog I lurked around on, some were gals whose blog I had never read before. But friends I did make with all of them. And the most impressive part was how selflessly they were giving their time, their creative ideas. The giggles that were shared while coming up with clues for each blogger, the gush of admiration that was passed around as baby picture were shared, the less than five minute response that was received when a new MTB was suggested and then promptly added to the list to celebrate. This was about making the fabulous ladies who are about ready to bring the next generation into the world feel good and everyone was up for adding a MTB on the list. The extra work that needed to be done was not even discussed over much. 

Finally came the day of. Email flew all over. The clocked ticked. Countdown over email. Publish. Message left at all MTBs blog. The wait begins. When will they get to it?

Parul, started almost immediately. Leaving a trail of messages at each blog. And all of us panicked at the speed at which she cracked all the clues.

Everyone else seemed to be quite. Where they following the clue? Had they seen the message? Was the baby already here? So many many emails exchanged.

Then a little bird came up with an interesting nugget of information. AHK was doing the hunt, but was being real quite about it. So what does the little mischief maker do? Tells AHK that there are 22 clues to be found. This was when she had 15 clues in her hand. Poor things went round and round in circles. Where she was suppose to find one more clue, she went looking for 7 more.

In the mean time a MTB not part of the blog shower wrote on one of our blog ‘Oh blog shower. I am six months along. Can I join in‘. The comment was just so sweet, so full of enthusiasm, that all of us went aww..can we please add her? In less than a minute off we were scrambling to read up her blog, write a post congratulating her, getting virtual gifts for her, putting the post up.

As the post finally went up, we saw a comment by Cluelessness on the new blog. She did the hunt and was at the blog, in tears but happy.

Next came a comment from Jotting. She had been all silent about her hunt as well (What is with all the MTB and them silently doing the hunt? We would have loved to follow their trail just as we did Parul’s) 🙂

And then came a message that Monika had already delivered a baby girl. This I think was the biggest surprise for us all. Her, we expected to get to the blog. What with her c-section date set for Jan 8th. But the baby we guess has other plans. 🙂

As Takshaka finished her blog hunt, reports poured in of all the MTBs almost in tears, overwhelmed with the surprise, but happy, real happy about their virtual shower. And we all 16 of us send high-five email across. Mission accomplished. What more can we ask for?

Well there is one thing we can ask of all of you reading. Please stop by the baby shower blog and wish the 5 MTB and one Mother who is. They, we are sure, would appreciate it and that is what counts. 🙂

50 thoughts on “Showered with love

  1. Thank you comfy 😀 for finally sharing this wonderful post.
    At last I could finally reach the final location and was able to discover who the MTBs were 🙂

    You guys did a fabulous job at it all 😀

    Three cheers to the gang :D:D:D


  2. What a post Comfy…I was taken through the entire process once more and I felt happy,excited and teary 🙂

    I’ve said it multiple times and saying it again here…I’m really glad I joined in 🙂

    A friend hug here to you comfy 🙂 {{{ 🙂 }}}

  3. Wow! This is so well written. Cud feel the excitement with u all … Hw I wish I cud be a part of it too 🙂

    Lovely work done by all of u .. it got me n Meira hooked too and we were cracking all the clues sitting @ work 😛

    1. Oh how we wish we knew you before Swaram..we would have loved you to be part of the fun..

      Next time for sure…now all we need is for someone to get pregrs 😀

    1. The blog world has spoken..and we know who all they want to be pregs next..
      D, Nu and Chandni you are it 😛

      PS: I can already see D shake her hear, Nu go enough already and Chandni say ‘Oh the horror’ 😀

  4. I literally have goosebumps as I finished reading this post!
    You should have been a press reporter for sensational news, I say 😀

    Had no clue all of you were so eagerly waiting to check our hunting trials as we searched through the clues!

    The ‘mischief maker’ did put me looking in a loop .. I HAD JUST 1 MORE TO GO ..boohoo 😦

    Anyways, nothing can beat the surprise and the sheer delight of finding the destination, after all the hard work though. 🙂

    Such a lovely, lovely Gift!! Will remember and smile for years to come.


      1. You li’l are in trouble whichever way you look at it.. 😀
        For calling AHK (and may be me…not sure about that part..scratch head) Aunty and for leaving all those messages all over my blog.. 🙂

              1. Oh I am OK with belonging to the Aunty category..Being called on since the past couple of years..what with all the kids being born.. It’s AHK you need to worry about.. 🙂

                PS: What’s with you and are not sleeping and Divz wrote this super sad post some 2 hours ago..Now I have two of you to worry about..

    1. We had so much fun planning the whole thing and every single one of us is glad that all of you gals enjoyed the surprise.

      As for the ‘mischief maker’ well what were you thinking listening to her 😉

  5. Awww….what a sweet account of the whole thing! Had me grinning throughout. The Santa Claus Maasis evidently had as much fun putting this together as we MTBs had receiving it!!!

    1. We sure did have a blast.. 🙂 and are glad all the MTBs had fun too..
      And now we have 2 neices to love..waiting for news from the other 4 of you 😀

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