Wordless Wednesday – IV


31 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – IV

  1. nice…as a side note after seeing all the wordless wednesdays i have decided i will have one too…just that i wont put any pic or anything…leave a blank title…and publish! 😛 moun vrath!

      1. lol…comfy after looking at u r pics if one says that mine are awesome then I would think that they r blind! 😛

        1. Oh so now someone is being all modest.. 🙂
          Put up the B/W pic of the gloden gate bridge and see how many wows you get..
          I wish I can ever take pictures that great..

    1. I so want to visit Hampi. We have this climbing movie at home which is based completely on Hampi and I am in love with that place without even visiting it. 🙂

    1. Vegas is a lot of fun..you should plan a trip there..
      PS: don’t bring her along..you will have a better time.. 😛
      PPS: They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas..but don’t trust that too much..look what happened to poor Tiger.. 😛

    1. Ha Ha.. It think this image has been attached by wordpress to your email..name and IP combination or some such thing..
      Plus after the post you did about Ashu..I think the image is totally true to form.. 😀

  2. *Looking up at CN pitifully* actually meant that you guys take me there!


    She’s already planned for Vegas this summer. 😦

    My life is so finished! 😦

    1. You bet it is.. 🙂
      Nah..you go with her..Vegas is a real fun place for couples..I bet you guys will have a blast..and you will get a lot of fodder for your blog 🙂

  3. Comfy, if taking a picture as it is, is photography, using your brains and clicking in a way to give it a greater meaning is art! 😀
    Loved the perspective!

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