Buzz Tales

My day starts with Buzz getting up.

As I rub my eyes, pick Buzz up from her crib and walk to the living room, she hold on tight, blabbering in her baby language.

My Mom is already in the living room doing her Pranayaams. And the moment Buzz see her Nani she wants to be let down. So off she goes to climb on to Nani’s lap, get her morning dose of hugs and kisses. Once done Buzz makes a bee line to her toys. Mom gets back to her Pranayaam and I plop on the couch and open my laptop.

Soon mom gets the part of Pranayaam where she takes these real quick breaths, so quick inhale, quick exhale, repeat multiple times. Buzz head comes up. She looks at Nani very carefully, scrunches her nose and does the exact same thing, quick inhale, quick exhale, repeat a couple of times. Then she looks at my face and Nani’s face and lifts her hand up and turns her palm out as in an question: ‘What are you waiting for?’.

Mom and I burst out laughing while Buzz claps her hand at the appreciation.

That is a look back at my 2009 and this is a peek into my 2010.

Hope all of you have an extra special 2010. Will see you all next year.


22 thoughts on “Buzz Tales

      1. Awwww… Want to come right away and cuddle her.
        (That description really makes me want to drive to my lil niece RIGHT NOW and eat her up)


  1. Wow! the cute little fairy in training is having a good time enjoying yoga with grandma and mum.

    What a cute note to start a new decade.

    Hope you have a wish fulfilling new year.

    Loads of love to the little fairy and her mum 😀


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