Travel Thursday – Wild Flowers

As the rays of the sun thaws the ground come spring, earth breaks out in a riot of colors. No one waters, digs, prunes, weeds them. They grow as they are, as they like, wild as their name suggests. And I see them everywhere but somehow am always in a rush or without a camera as I pass by.

One day late May as D and I parked our car and made our way up a hike, I could not resist. So out came the camera. As D got impatient, I took my time. The hike could wait, so what if we were 15 mins late getting to the summit. This was important to me. The beauty captured of the wild flowers for all time.

PS: Not really travel related. But this is for you Divz.


24 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Wild Flowers

  1. lovely pics. hey you really really have to tell me about the camera settings where you manage to highlight the subject and blur the background. Love these effects in your pics.

    1. I haven’t played around with the camera settings a lot. I just go with what’s provided by default. So for closer in objects I just pick the ‘Portrait’ setting and click away. The camera takes care of the rest.

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