Gifts and their giving

One morning around mid November as I walked into my office building, I saw the Christmas tree was up decorated with little pink cards tied up in strings. Everyday more and more cards disappear and more and more boxes, gift bags appear below the tree.

An organization around this area collects a wish list from little children in foster homes, old people in old age homes, women in protection homes. Writes the list down on these pink cards, puts a tree each in all the company buildings and places cards around the trees. People based on the amount they want to spend and what they want to buy, pick the cards off the trees and place the gift with the card below the tree once they are done.

The ‘Tree of Giving’ is all about ones wish to give. There is no one banging on your office door to demand that you give, there is no impact on your annual review if you give or don’t, there is no one you tell if you give and how much you gave. It’s all about the spirit of Christmas, of ensuring that people less fortunate than you get to open at least one gift over Christmas, of playing Santa for one person in need and brighten their Christmas. And as I watch the pile below the tree grow, I am always amazed at the complete trust people have. The gifts are kept in a common area with people from all walks of life walking by. But never have I ever heard anyone being uncomfortable about leaving what they brought out or of any gift gone missing. Everything is accounted for always.

Today I walked in to be greeted by a bare tree. Not one pink slip on the tree and it warms my heart that everyone got their one wish.

Tomorrow all the gifts will be gone to be distributed over the holidays and there will be no better site than an empty tree..till next year when it’s all back.


12 thoughts on “Gifts and their giving

  1. contentment,happiness,satisfaction,giving and loads of love !

    All this flowing from this post 🙂 I liked the idea very much and I might use it in my organisation [If you aren’t aware yet I’m into HR] 🙂

  2. That’s a wonderful way of ‘sharing’ the spirit of Christmas 😀

    At my workplace we all contribute to make gift baskets (containing only utility items – the non perishable ones) and around Christmas time they are distributed in a similar way just like you stated.

    Giving and sharing with the needy makes us feel all the more content and at peace something that no precious gifts can buy.

    Wonderful post 😀

    Hope you have a good time this holiday season.


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