Nini time..zzz..

Buzz was an amazing sleeper, falling asleep on her own and sleeping for long stretch of time (6 hours in a go at night), when she was only 3 months old. Things took a turn when I made my trip to India and back. Jetlag hit the poor baby bad. That in conjunction to me heading off to work soon after we got back and sleep became a major issue. She decided she did not want to go to sleep and once she was asleep she wanted to be up every two hours at night and check on mom to ensure I was still around. Between sleepless night, work and running behind Buzz once I was back home, I was going insane.

A lot of friends, Buzz’s pediatrician, people on the net talked about Ferberizing her. In common terms the method is called ‘Cry it out’ method, where you let the baby cry, till he/she gets tired and falls asleep on their own. Continue that for a few days and the baby learns that no one is going to come rescue him/her and starts to sleep on his/her own.

I for the life of me can’t get behind this so after reading extensively about various sleep training methods I came up with one of my own. And even though it’s not perfect and Buzz does not sleep through the night, it works for me and always leaves me smiling. So here is what our night-time schedule looks like:

As Buzz rubs her eyes and comes to me to be picked up, everyone gets to kiss her ‘night night’ with her bestowing open mouth smile on everyone who kisses her. Once all the show of mutual admiration is done. I take her to our room, which is dark. Only source of light coming from the open blinds. Buzz gets her milk which she guzzles down and then lets me know she is done by crawling to her crib. I pick her up again, lay her down in her crib as I watch her from my bed.

A few minutes:

Buzz:  Is up standing holding on to the crib rail

Me: Buzz Baithoo(sit down)

Buzz:  immediately she let’s go of the crib rails and sits

Me: Letto (lay down)

Buzz: plops falling whichever direction her body takes her

Me: Ab so jaao (now sleep)

Buzz: promptly closes her eyes

A few seconds later she slowly opens her eyes, smiles and stands up again. And we do a repeat of the same sequence a couple more times, till she gets tired and does not open her eyes. Soon she exhales this extra long breath which is my que to let her sleep, as comb her hair with my fingers one last time before tip-toeing out of the room with a smile on my face 🙂


24 thoughts on “Nini time..zzz..

  1. Thats the sweetest way I’ve heard of making babies sleep! Cannot decide if Buzz is cuter or you.

    Yeah, yeah, Buzz.

    Your hubby doesn’t have a gun, does he?

    Oye, when were you in India? Hein?

  2. Don’t for the life of me understand why would a doctor of all people write a book on LETTING babies cry to sleep!


    Wait, is my sweetheart a re incarnation of that very doctor?

    1. Actually it is a very popular tried and tested method. It works. And a lot of people follow it.

      I like how you call her sweetheart and paint her as the devil in the same breath 🙂

  3. Cute. Like Ramit said, cant decide who is cuter. 🙂 Swell mama you’ll be Im sure.

    My sis is going through similar throngs of agony these days. Struggling to know how to give the best of everything to her little one. I am an observer and listener for her, so I could relate to this a lil bit. 🙂

  4. I could actually visualize how the exercise would be taking on…Baby’s world is so lovely out there… 🙂

    Muuuuuaaah to Buzz 🙂 and hat off to you Mumma 🙂

        1. Aww…thanks babe.. 🙂
          And a girl can never have enough
          err..what was I saying..I started making my shopping list here.. 😀

  5. ayyyoooooo
    i could visualize all that 😀
    how endearing 🙂
    i think papa dearest has the most fun seeing his two lovely ladies play nini-nini 😀

    psst: i still say ‘nini aayi’ when i feel sleepy 😛

    1. Papa dearest don’t get to see nini time. If he is around Buzz is all about pick me – pick me.. So he is kicked out of the room 🙂

      psst: I know, I still say nini as well.. 😛

  6. That was very cute 😀
    Little buzz is getting playful by the day, she seems to love the idea of her mum being around interacting with her. She tries to play till she gets tired and finally falls to sleep.

    wow! a wonderful world of fairies, little buzz fairy in training and ever loving mum fairy 😀

    1. Aww..thank Chatterbox.. Yup Buzz is getting more and more active everyday..I guess this is how I will finally loose all the baby weight..
      Keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂

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