In Tears

Dear Buzz,

You cried today and there was nothing I could do about it. And now that you are asleep I can’t stop my tears from falling.

The whirlwind events of today and you being stuck in the car seat or in our lap had you full of energy and you refused to take your afternoon nap. You played through the entire hour and more, no matter what I did. The result – you got overtired. And as I drove the car back home from lil-K’s Birthday you got fussy and started crying. I was stuck driving on the freeway with no place to stop while you cried 15 mins till we got home.

You apparently have forgotten all about it and sleep peacefully in your crib. But how do I forget? How do I forget?


16 thoughts on “In Tears

  1. Aww….I can understand how helpless you must have felt. I hope you too are all relaxed after letting all your emotions and hurt flow in your words.

    Our lives would be lot more peaceful and happier if we too could forget all our hurt,tears and pain just like kids forget in the blink of an eye.

    Hugs to a very loving mum and the cute little buzz fairy 😀

  2. aww dear…hope you are all better now…i can totally see how helpless you must have been and how bad you may have felt not being able to help the little one :-(…hugs to you!

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