Travel Thursday – Joshua Tree National Park

I thought I would do ‘Travel Thursday’ every week in conjunction with ‘Wordless Wednesday‘ to write about the picture..some tidbit of information..or some travel log. So here goes the first one.

A climbing buddy of D moved to the outskirts of Joshua Tree National Park (JT) after he retired. Since then his Facebook updates are all about the routes he climbed and pictures of these funny, scary, beautiful looking trees. So when we were looking at a getaway for a couple of days we decided to head to JT, where D could hook up with his friend and rock climb while I indulge in my passion for visiting new places and clicking pictures.

The arid landscape of JT surrounded by amazingly beautiful rock formations with its cracks and holds and abundant sunshine makes it a rock climbing haven.

Joshua Tree..Forest..??..

You can see people climbing one route or another, sunrise to sun down and I am told once you get to the top the view is breathtaking. D was out with his rope and cams as soon as we got there. I saw him off and on from then on forward as I made my way to and fro from our camp or when he summited as he was visible from afar.

Climber after finishing his rock climb
Sunset, climber and rock

There are so many precariously balanced rock, defying gravity which also provide relief from the intense sunshine when one is done and ready to take a break. As I sometimes walked and sometimes drove around the park, I would break, rest and move on from such formations..always happy..always at peace..always with a smile on my face.

Rock formation with the moon on top
Amazing rock balancing act

Which gets me to the tree itself, after which the entire park is named. Well Joshua Trees are not really trees. They are giant members of the lily family. The bark is not true bark. In the spring the flowers bud out in various directions and with the sun heat the leaves dry out. The dry leaves slowly harden to form the bark. Another side effect of this is that you can’t tell the age of the tree the conventional way. Well since it’s not true bark you can’t cut the tree to see the rings in age.. But the trees are amazing to look at. Growing in every which direction, no two branches, no two trees are the same.

Dried up flower
Joshua Tree – leaves and flowers

JT is different but beautiful none the wonder U2 actually named one of their albums after it.


17 thoughts on “Travel Thursday – Joshua Tree National Park

  1. The rock balanced like that makes me wonder about the way nature does things. Nature has it’s own way of balancing so many things that we will never be able to figure out. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them. Now I know why the tree picture in your previous post was so strange looking. Mystery solved! Yay!

  2. Yup..nature does have strange ways of maintaining balance of things..and holds too many mysteries..
    Actually your confusion gave me the idea of doing the Travel Thursday posts πŸ™‚ .. a way to explain the stange looks of things..

  3. Fantastic pictures πŸ˜€
    Thank you for throwing light on the hidden aspects of these beautiful pictures. I had never heard of the Joshua tree before your post.

    Great idea of Travel Thursday.

    Keep up the wonderful work πŸ˜€


  4. wowww
    there’s so much in the world we have no clue of…
    i am excited to see that there is something new to learn everyday πŸ™‚
    keep up the good work dear… ll look forward all the more to Thursdays now πŸ™‚

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