The finger..

Dear Sir,

There are a lot of reasons I can give you on why I did not stop at the stop sign when I should have. You were on the other side of the  road on the other stop sign, you were there before me, you had the right of way, I should have stopped. You had a right to show me your anger, you did, you honked, I duly noted it.

As I parked my car at the grocery store and you left, the remorse I felt had me looking in the direction of your car. You were giving me the eye stare treatment and then showed the extent of your anger in a gesture that is so alien to your generation. Sir, you if I am not mistaken where in your 80’s. And as you slowly lifted your finger in an expression of resentment, me from a generation who does not care about using the word or the gesture and ignore the whole thing as a day to day passing could not help but smile. Your one gesture was so different from what I expected, but it also, with striking clarity, brought to my notice how upset you were. 

Hence I write to you, knowing fully well that you probably will never read this. But it needs to be said.  Sir, I am sorry for what I did. But Sir, I salute you for not taking any crap from us, the younger, the impatient generation. And for showing us the finger.




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