And then you smile..

Dear Buzz,

This world has so much to offer..there is so much to much to lick and chew on..that it keeps you busy. Does it not? You, my dear, have an attention span of less than 30 seconds. You true to your name keep hovering from one toy to another..shower a little of your attention on something and then it’s off to the next. Never still..never for a minute. The slow crawl of your has changed to this mad dash on all fours..your tentitive pulling yourself up with someones help has changed to touching anything..a pull up..and you are off walking holding on to things. And now even that is not enough for you. You don’t even bat an eye when you come to the end of the continue to keep walking..wobbelly steps and all..till you fall. And every time you do, I thank the carpeted floor and your diapered backside.  The flip side of all this is that there is just so much for you to do that you don’t have time to stay in a place to eat. Your Maa has to forever be playing hopscotch to catch up with you and get something in your mouth. I promise myself..last more running around. You look up from where you are playing..your stomach full..watching me walk away..and smile..

And then the big S..Sleep, little one, is good for so want to continue playing..don’t you. You rub your eyes..get crancy..pull your hair..but don’t want to settle in for the night. Actually that’s not true..those are your queues for us that it’s time. And we do manage to catch them and after a little bit of an effort, off you are sleeping peacefully. Your Paa and me stand looking at you sleep, falling a little bit more in love with you. When you hit us with lightning bolt..your energy recharged..there you go standing in your crib and practicing your walk in the confined space. We understand that you want to walk..we really do, but you know you want to sleep and walk at the same time, which is not conducive to a restful night sleep for either one of us. And so you cry in frustration on not being able to decide what you want most. It takes it toll night after night when you are up every couple of hours. By 6:00 in the morning I am ready to give upset..ready to cry get up all done with the night..ready to start the day..what do you do..??.. You lift up your arms to be picked up..give me the biggest of smiles..

When I get back from work and you catch me come in..I rush to wash my hands while you stand and howl.. But as soon as I get back and sit crawl into my lap, smiling contentedly..

Whenever it’s been a while of you playing by yourself and I softly call your name..your face breaks into the hugest of grin and you rush up to me.

Buzz, love, your smile makes us forget all our worries..makes us let go of our tiredness..makes us try a little harder..Your smile is worth everything to keep smiling always.. We know all these milestones, those upper two teeth cutting your gums making their way out, the information overload, our incapacity to understand when you are in distress are difficult for you, but keep smiling your two tooth smile and we will all be all right..

Loads of love,



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