It’s not even funny..

the things one does in the name of fashion..

It’s cold outside..and I mean the upper 30 degree F..a couple of degrees away from freezing..I was calling myself 10 different kind of fool for not carrying an extra sweater when I left home in the morning while huddling into my jacket.  And I see this babe wearing short dress and nothing.. 

I was shaking my head at the stupidity of it all..for about a minute or so..before I remembered me at my cousin’s wedding in December Chandigarh winter..dressed in a brown, green lehnga..decked up to the sign of any warm sweater or shawl in sight. Even when everyone sat down some time after midnight and the pheras started, the way the dress looked was more important than staying warm. And I would not acknowledge to a soul back then that I was cold. No sir..cold..the word was not even in my dictionary that day.

As I sit in my heated apartment and look outside at the dense fog I shake my head and smile at the memory..the song we used to sing a lot back in the day when looking nice was criteria number one

Sigh..things one does in the name of fashion..

So tell what have you done for the sake of looking good, vanity, fashion, tashan..whichever name you want to call it by..


16 thoughts on “It’s not even funny..

  1. Wore a suit for my cousin’s wedding in July heat in Rajasthan. Yes Ma’am, the desert Rajasthan. Open air wedding. In a village. Wore it all evening and all night.

    Sheesh. The suit was ruined in my sweat. Yes I know that’s ewwwww!

    1. Haaahaaa..I got married peak Delhi lehnga and I can imagine Rajasthan heat and what you went through..and that too for someone else’s wedding..

  2. WoW! now that’s called real dedication. No matter whether the world goes in an ice age but fashion is fashion 😀

    I am not a fashion freak but yeah I have a stylish pair of high heels that are real uncomfortable to wear for me. I say so, because on a daily basis i wear all flat shoes and sandals.

    My worst experience was wearing my all-new stylish and very sexy high heels to a ball-dance night.

    I can vividly remember how sore my legs were for good ten days after that night.

    All in the name of fashion you see 😉

    Great post 🙂

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Hmm..I guess being drunk helps..I just don’t understand why you would want to dress like that..Even if you were heading to a party you could have a coat on and check it in right??..Why would you want to be that cold ever when you have an option of not to..??..

  3. i don’t wear anything to cover my ears during winter..i dunno why…i don’t wear those caps or anything of that sort and i have a feeling it’s because i feel like they make me look bad…that’s the only thing i can think of :P..i’m not that into fashion and stuff 🙂

    1. LOL..The trick is to find a cap you like..I love mine..and would wear it even during summers if I could.. 🙂
      Am not into fashion either but that incident stood out in my mind so put it down..

    1. Yup..I love the snow.. It’s not snowing outside yet so I thought I would add some snow to my blog till then.. 🙂
      Had to dig really hard through my pictures to find a snow picture though..

  4. Thinking about it, dont think I’ve ever done anything like that for fashion! Wear sensible heels for parties, flats on normal days. Winter gear always there.

    Remember this night. It was my first time back home after 2 yrs in Ireland and I was in Banglore with friends. We went on a midnight drive and I was wearing a sleeveless shirt. And you know how cold Blore is,esp at nights near the hills. The guys just couldnt get it when I said I dint want a jacket. But hey, that was me after 2 yrs in freezing cold Ireland 😀

    1. This is can totally see happening. We have a friend here from Netherlands and he is seen in his T-shirt peek winter..He says after the wind chill back home 0 degree C is nothing 🙂

  5. LOL … can’t remember cribbing too much abt fashion but yes, somehw, hated wearing sweaters while in school 😛
    Mom used to go on and on but I wud finally leave it @ home and run to school 😉

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