Balancing Equations

The basic unit of matter ‘atom’ needs to be balanced. If it is not so it either..donates..shares..or borrows excited electrons to get to a balanced molecular state. The balanced state being the state of harmony, where peace reigns, where everything is good in the world. Till there is no balance, the atom is searching..searching..searching..

Well similar is the case with us humans. We keep searching, are constantly on the lookout, till we find that special someone to share our lives with. Once we are reasonably certain about the person the molecule gets to a stable state.

But the game does not end there. The swapping of vows happens and then suddenly there are a few extra chemicals of accounts, budgeting, investment, cooking, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, in-laws are thrown in to the mix. Suddenly the two of you are scrambling to balance this chemical equation. With chores..divided, time to do them..decided, repercussions of not doing them because you were lazing in front of the TV or snuggled with a book..faced, while also trying to find time a couple.

D and I had this part down..worked hard on getting this part down. We were balanced when we decided we needed some more excitement..scrambling.. in our lives. So what did we do?? We had little Buzzu.. Now our little..ever growing..equation is all over the place. With two very hectic jobs, the want to spend as much time with Buzz, chores are being left on the back burner of life. And this is when my parents are around helping us out. Life is so going to be fun..not..when they head back home. But again that will be the time when we can truly start working on balancing our chemical equation we call family, because that is when some elements will be taken away from our current equation and a lot more added.

Am I dreading that time??..sure I am..but in a way looking forward to it as well because that is the state we have to live that is the balance we need to find.. But do you hear me complain till then?? way..I am enjoying every minute of the respite I receive.

Here’s hoping we find our balance soon after my parents leave. Fingers crossed.

12 thoughts on “Balancing Equations

  1. Whenever you’re tired and feel it’s getting on your nerves, look at your baby’s smile. It’ll take all your tiredness away. Promise.

    1. D and I are having a lot of fun right now..get to spend a lot of alone time..go out for dinner, stroll, just out once Buzz is asleep because my partents are home 🙂
      The balance bit we are working on and will really have to work on once parents head back

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