When you are happy..

and you know it..clap your hands..

I am clapping..clapping..clapping my hands..

The holiday season is here..Long weekend this week so I get stay home for 4 long days and spend time with Buzzu..

My SIL and sweet little niece are heading over for rest of the year. Niece dear is excited about spending time with her Dada, Dadi, Bua, Fu and Buzz. Actually mostly with Buzz because the last time these two met, Buzzu was 10 weeks old so my niece was not allowed close access to Buzz. This time she is making sure and then doubly sure that she can play..touch..sleep with Buzz Bee. And I can’t wait to hold her, play with her, tell her stories. She owns a piece of my heart..what with her being the first child in the family. And to have her spending time with us for the next month a little bit more is going to be a pleasure.

And then in 3 weeks my brother comes over..oh to have family around..what fun..

If you’re happy and you know it..then your face will surely show it
If you’re happy and you know it..clap your hand.

8 thoughts on “When you are happy..

  1. Bummer! I actually started to clap when I read this. Everyone around me now thinks I’ve officially gone crazy! I must stop reading your posts at work now! 😉

  2. clap…clap…clap 😀

    Wow! that was wonderful 🙂

    Hope you had a great time this weekend and have loads of fun times when your brother comes over.

    Keep writing and have fun 🙂


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