Name I call you by..

Dear Buzz Bee,

There is so much I want to tell you..well about you..but you are too little to remember..and I am not sure you would want to hear once you grow old..or I will remember as age gets to I write to you now with the hope that you will get here in time, to read for yourself.

When I first started feeling you move inside me, there was no measuring my excitement. Your poor Paa felt so left out. For the longest while, no matter how many times I held his hand on my stomach he did not feel the kicks. Those were the days when I gave you your first name..Phudku Singh..Why you ask??..because you did move a lot and never in one were all over in the little confined space you called home. You absolutely hated anyone or anything touching you. You would move away from the place you were kicking if D or me put our hand on that location,  to kick someplace else. It was like a mini treasure hunt to find your heartbeat during doctor’s appointments. They would find your beat and within seconds you would move away, because again you hated anything that close to you. The first time D did feel you move, he broke into this huge grin and refuse to remove his hand off my stomach. By then there wasn’t any space for you to move what did you do?? stopped moving and went to sleep. Not very nice to you Paa were you?? 🙂 But to be was a small joy to were mine for those 40 weeks 2 days that I carried you..all mine till everyone claimed parts of your time..called you their something..

It’s amazing how similar you are from the time when you were inside me to now when you are out exploring the are never still..always moving..till the time you fall hate to be held while want to be moving..batting your hand..kicking your legs. There are huge smiles with the a dimple on each cheek for everyone..the mad dash to anyone you know to be picked up now that you can crawl..but once the hug is move and wiggle till you are let down to play with the next thing and the thing after that. Something or the other keeps catching your fancy and off you buzz to explore.

That’s why my love..I call you a Buzz Bee..

PS: If you are under any are the Queen Bee and we, your Dad, Mom, Nana, Nani are all worker bee’s catering you your every whim.

PSS: I should also are very fair in your Rule..doolling out smiles, hugs, kisses (well smiles are yours, the rest we take) freely and endlessly.

Loads of love,


9 thoughts on “Name I call you by..

  1. Excellent post 🙂
    A very touching letter written with all the warmth a mum’s heart can hold. You’re wonderful with the words.

    It’s my first visit to your blog and am loving it already.

    Keep up the wonderful work.


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