First few days – Impressions

Random impressions..surprises..flashes of the day ‘Buzz Bee’ came into our lives and a couple of days that followed..our stay in the hospital:

  • Me being so tired as not to be able to keep my eyes open between each push. I slept for a minute or so every time before pushing again and then promptly closing my eyes.
  • D eating throughout the day. He tends to eat if stressed. At one point a nurse commented, saying ‘You are eating every time I come in.’
  • Me clutching my stomach in horror the first time I got up after delivering, panicked at not having the baby within, before it came back that she was now born.
  • D having blue toe nails from the pressure his uber-cool shoes put on his toes from being on his foot all day.
  • The feel of Buzzu in my arms.
  •  Me being surprised at seeing her eyes opened when she was born. I though kids kept their eyes closed for most part in the beginning.
  • Total devoid of energy feeling after I delivered while being active till the very last day.
  • The joy on my parents face when they say Buzz.
  • The taste of ‘Besan ke ladoo’ that Maa made that day. 
  • The surprise/shock family and friends back home felt on realizing how old-fashioned a name Buzz had.
  • Seeing her sleep in her glass bassinette for most part of the day when we were not holding on to her i.e.
  • Buzz crying the second night.
  • The sight of D holding Buzzu close all night to keep her from crying and she not crying when held close by her Paa.
  • Me trying to find a comfortable position/angel on the hospital bed with all its parts that can go up and down but not a single marginally good position.
  • Endless tests done on Buzz Bee..eye test..hearing test..allergies test..jaundice test..weight measured over and over..temperature taken every 3 hours.
  • The overload of medication I was on after being particular about not ingesting any medicine while I was pregnant.
  • Buzz having this really red tongue which she kept showing us every time she was awake.
  • Deluge of good wishes..constant ringing of the cell phones.
  • My maternity jeans suddenly refusing to stay in place.
  • Getting her ready to head back home. How incapable we felt on dressing her for the ride home..she being so tiney..
  • Buzz not liking her first time strapped inside the car seat..cry in her tiny voice..but immediately falling asleep once the car started.

16 thoughts on “First few days – Impressions

    1. Sorry for the confusion girl..but all this happened early in the year..I am putting it all down so as not to forget and since I fianlly have some time 🙂
      Thanks for the hugs though..always welcome.. 🙂

      1. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…… it all makes sense…i was wondering so much as to how having a just born and all you are blogging so much :D….ok sorry abt the confusion, now my little brain is all clear 😀

  1. 3 – what a feeling!

    The sight of D holding Buzzu close all night to keep her from crying and she not crying when held close by her Paa. – So so sweet .. the bond b/w dads n daughters 🙂 🙂

  2. You have captured it so nicely. Many a times I felt you have written abt me. I had 24hrs labor and was so tired, R, my husband was eating a lot too and Later when she was born he forgot abt me and was behind her all the time. I feel all these happened y’day. Tough to believe she is already 21months. How old is Buzz?

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