The Announcement

My family was scattered all over the world for the past month or so. Brother in China, SIL in Hong Kong, niece with my parents in India. But they were all getting together in India in a couple of weeks. So we waited patiently. Wanted to let them know about the upcoming addition to the family, together, rather than making frantic phone calls between different time zones, different countries, different schedules. Their coming together was a time for celebration (with Mom’s Birthday, my sweet little niece turning one, my brother’s family getting all together after a couple of months of travel and upheaval) so what better time.

D and I talked about ways of letting everyone know. A lot of ideas were tossed around, when something my brother said and something my SIL was asking for gave us the perfect idea. Now my brother was setting up a video camera and a mike at my parents place so that they could do a video conference with us and my brother’s family anytime they wanted. So he wanted to go through a couple of sessions of conference with us on the other end so as to be able to smooth out any hitch in the process and let my parents get a hang of how to initiate a conference and how to response to a conference. My SIL wanted to see our Alaska pictures.

So what we came up was this. D took a digital picture of the ultrasound. I upload a few pictures of Alaska on my virtual photo album and also uploaded the ultrasound picture as the last photograph. While on video conference we send them the link to this album and everyone started looking at the pictures while we were giving live commentary on each picture viewed.

The right arrow key was clicked on and suddenly Mom was in tears, brother was screaming congratulations, SIL was arreyyyy waaahh, Papa was what..what is this.. It took some explanation for my dad to understand what he was seeing..poor dad.. 🙂

I was just glad to be able to see the reaction of family first hand..emphasis on see..and that too when everyone was together..

D’s family, we made the customary phone call since computer and email was not an option. Everyone was super excited and happy for us..Love and prayers poured in from all directions..What more can one ask for 🙂


12 thoughts on “The Announcement

    1. I am really sure you would this age we have all see an ultrasound picture somewhere or
      Dad’s generation is really out of loop on these things..poor thing.. 🙂 ..his reaction was so funny 🙂

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