First look

Excitement..trepidation..nerves..impatience..I went through the gauntlet of all emotions on our drive to Dr. TT’s office, the day of the ultrasound appointment. 

We had been back from Alaska a few days. Nausea, morning sickness (and evening sickness for that matter) were at full swing. Smell of eggs cooking could make me throw up in a heartbeat (Not too fond of them so no big loss)..eating blueberries (I heart them) was another trigger..sigh..they were difficult to give up.. 😦 and then some internal clock said its 4:00 in the evening..time to empty your stomach..thankfully we stay 5 mins drive from work so I would rush home just in time to heave everything out..imagine doing that at work..oh the horror..

Anyway back to the drive..My though process went something like..Yay, Yay, Yay we get to see the baby..Please, Please, Please let there be a heartbeat (a friend had recently had a fetus without a heartbeat)..Wonder what the baby will look like..Let everything be all right, fingers crossed..Hope they can see the baby from the probe device on the stomach and not have to use the I hate the stick..Yay we get to see the baby..and on and on in a loop..

Finally after the customary 45 mins wait in the reception area (why do they always run late 😦 ) in we were called for the ultrasound..stomach bared..some goop like thing spread on the stomach..probe placed on the stomach..and..and there on the monitor was the baby in black and white. The smile on D and my face was instantaneous..our baby 🙂

A thorough check was done. The head, arm, foot pointed out. And then the technician pointed out to the little flicker on the screen said that’s the baby heart. Imagine looking at a tiny dot on the screen and actually see the precious heartbeat. 

We were asked if we would like to hear the heartbeat. Of course no question about it. So a few switched fiddled and super super fast..dub..dub..dub..dub.. 165 beats per min..sounded quite like multiple horses running. And cliché as it might be, I cried (not wet eyes but big tears) as soon as I heard the heartbeat and would not stop for good min or so. 

The baby was healthy, everything was looking good, it was time to tell close family our little secret. The grin on our face lasted at least a couple of days. 

PS: Listening to the baby heartbeat stayed the best part of all my doctor’s appointments. Love..Love..Love hearing that sound..

6 thoughts on “First look

  1. Aww I love it every single time too!

    I wish I stayed five mins from work, I had to search for quiet uninhabited bathrooms to throw up at work sigh….well I could work from home on bad days though 🙂

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