Alaska – Impressions

OK one final post on Alaska..over all impressions..and things that don’t fit in anywhere else.

– Beautiful: Nature untouched..beyond words..amazingly beautiful..That’s Alaska

Mountains, snow, clouds

House with a view

– Empty: Alaska is huge and can drive miles and miles and not see another human..human

– Nice cops: Even when stopped speeding (doing 90 miles/hr on a 55 miles/hr posted sign) you are left off with a warning, no persuasion required. At least we were. Have not seen this happen anywhere else.

– Wildlife: If you visit Alaska and don’t see any wildlife you really are unlucky. You don’t even have to make an effort to see them, they are all over the place.

– Hunting: All over Alaska are signs saying hunting is allowed beyond this point. We saw this Moose right after we say one such highway sign. If it was anyone else, this Moose was dead.

Moose sighting on route to Valdez

– Bullet holes: All highway signs all over Alaska seem to have been used for target practice.

Target practice

Bullets from the other side

– Junk: You see junk everywhere. Scrapped cars, abandoned buildings, firecracker remains, broken down boats..

Cars ready to trashed

Boats left to rust

– Toilets: No public flush toilets anywhere in Alaska..pit toilets is the way to go..and man do they stinck..and when you are pregnant and nauseated all the time..God help you..

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