Alaska – The players

OK lets meet the players. All 13 of them. Someone is keeping a count right?

– AsA & SA and their two kids AyA & TA:

  •  AsA is the planner of the group. He is the know it all guy and the Mr Enthu of the group. Activities of the first two days are planned by him.
  • SA is perfect for Mr Enthu ready to be led into any adventure but these days spends most of her time running after the two little ones and catering to their various whims.
  • AyA is the badda bhaiya who does not let any opportunity go to hit the chota bhiya without getting caught. He is almost 3.
  • TA at 1 and few months follows and mimics every thing AyA does without fear and he knows how to shove for any push that comes his way.

– AmA & PA :

  • AmA is the soft spoken one of the group. Also the one with the most brains (this is,  of course as per all the guys in our friends circle, DR2 and all that).
  • PA is again the perfect match for AmA. She is the talkative one. Loves to talk, loves to shop, loves order, loves cleanliness. Also a suspect between D and I as a fellow mother to be. How do we suspect? The extra care AmA is bestowing on else? 🙂

– PG & CG

  • PG is the perfect husband. He always cleans while she does the cooking. How awesome is that? He gets CG flowers and presents for various occasions even if he has to make a midnight run for them, so that it’s a surprise for her. Always laughing, always cracking jokes.
  • CG is the only one in the group who does not work in the same company as all of us (except for M who does not even live on the same coast as us). In fact her field of work is totally different for any one of us. She works with children with disabilities and I have a whole lot of respect for what she does. Caring, compassionate, always ready to help thats CG for you.

– NG & SG

  • SG has a naivety about her. She just looks at the world with such wide eyes. And then she asks her questions. Everything from ‘Did you straighten your hair’ to ‘Why does the glacier snow look that colour of blue’ to ‘Are you not scared of wild animals to camp in the wild’ to ‘When do you plan to have children’, to ‘You have a OBGYN? Why?’.
  • NG is absolutely without a doubt perfect for SG. He answers all her questions with a smile on his face (D would probably have thrown me under a bus long ago if I spoke in Q&A form all day). NG, let me tell you also takes forever to get ready. This we realized on our trip (NG & SG are always the last people to arrive any time we all are getting together and now we know why).

– M

  • is D’s friend from school. Not really langotia yaar but close. They then went to the same college as well. M’s wife and kids were in India and hence he made this trip with us. Looking back at the pics of the first part of the trip D & M have more pictures together than D & me.

Looking at all these people let me give you some history.

  •  All the guys except for PG did there undergraduate studies from the same college, passing out in the same batch. So they have long standing history together.
  • All of us (but for CG and M) work for the same company so we have a lot of common there as well.
  • All the girls are about the same age, got married about the same time, left our families and jobs behind, struggled to set up house, learned to cook, struggled with our post marriage identity. All about the same time and get nagged by random people to have kids all the time, so we have a real good understanding of what the other has gone through and is going through.
  • In short with being different people and the differences that come from that, we are still a family. A unit away from our families back home.

There are a lot more people in the saga that is our life and part of our family here in this land but for now the Alaska trip characters have been enumerated.

What about tit bits about D and me you ask? hmm..well this entire blog is dedicated to that..who needs one line character introductions 🙂


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